The Best Interior Paint Colors for Homes with Marble Flooring

Marble makes impressive flooring and counter tops. It is associated with classic and perhaps even a little elegant. It is beautiful in a way that most things cannot achieve and each marble piece is one of a kind because of the marbling within it. This means that there is no set way for you to decorate around it and many people question whether they are choosing the right accent colors to compliment the marble that they have, especially when it comes to walls that may be near the marble. Therefore, we have tested it out to see which colors make the best interior paint colors for homes with marble flooring.

Neutral Color Choices

One of the most neutral colors you can choose for painting around marble is gray. It complements the colors that are naturally within the marble stone. You may also consider beige or a paint color that is a combination of gray and beige mixed together.
A perfect gray for interior paint is “sidewalk gray”. It does not make for a room that is too bright when paired with the white of marble tile, but it can bring out the darker color of the marbling. Another option if you want to create a calmer area in your home would be pigeon or stone gray, which is dark, but not overbearing when combined with dark marbling on the floor.

Cool Color Choices

Blues, greens, and even purples can also compliment a home with marble flooring. A popular choice for many homeowners is a soft green, especially if it has a slightly gray tint in it as well. Sea Salt is a good choice for the slight hint of gray, but it may not appeal to all people. If you enjoy green, you may want to pick up a few paint samples to see what looks the best next to your marble flooring. If green isn’t a favorite color, blues are also available and some of them may also have a slightly gray hue mixed in. One good color choice is etched glass because it is light, but appealing when placed near marble.

Warm Colors for Marble

There are not many warm colors that go with marble. It is such a cool color by its own right that it is hard to cross that line. To add warmth, most people choose to go with woodgrain or deep yellows, but for the most part, yellow is avoided since it is not an appealing color. Our suggestion is that if you want marble, you pick up a few different color samples so that you can try out a lot of options before you paint your walls any color.

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